Sightseeing Tours

Explore Budapest with our great Sightseeing Tours! Our sightseeing tours are the best way to see all the top sights of Budapest! Be our passanger and experience the historical places and the world heritage sights of Budapest in comfort and safety aboard our bus or ship tours. Book your ticket now and see the top attractions of Budapest at the lowest price.
Sightseeing Tours

Budapest bus tours – a great way to explore the city!


Budapest has a high ranking on the list of the most visited cities in the world, as millions of Hungarian and foreign tourists visit the capital every year and try to discover as many attractions as possible during their sightseeing tour of Budapest. While planning our trip, we can take into account several options for adventures in the capital! We can plan the exploration of the city based on route, time of day, or even by vehicle! Lovers of real thrills can discover Budapest from a new perspective on a river cruise!


Budapest sightseeing tours

Aching feet? Blistered toes? Tired back? Every group of friends and family has an obsessive walking tour fan, thanks to whom we would answer yes to all questions after a Budapest sightseeing tour. However, there is a less painful but much more comfortable way to explore the city, which is sightseeing in Budapest by bus! 


Sightseeing tours make exploring the capital and other sights a real pleasure – no need to desperately creep into your map, just lay back and enjoy the attractions! The sightseeing bus covers all of Budapest’s attractions, as it runs on several routes. If you only spend one or two days in the city, you can easily capture the main attractions in Budapest city bus tours thanks to panoramic views from the buses, and you don’t need to worry about the tour guide either.


Sightseeing bus Budapest reaches many famous sights of the city, including the Synagogue, the Eastern Railway Station, the Heroes Square, the Citadel and the Basilica as well. 


Sightseeing in Budapest

Whatever means of transport we choose, a river cruise, Hop on, Hop off bus tours Budapest will surely be a fantastic experience at any time of the day! 


Sightseeing tours can be a great addition to any programs where we explore the world of the Budapest baths, the cultural programs, or we taste the unique gastronomy of Hungary.


If you would like to explore other sights of the city, have a look around between the other offers from ToDoBudapest!