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Spa & Relax in Budapest Budapest is the capital of Spa culture. You may find wide varieties of Budapest Spa tickets and premium treatments - let us help you find the best between Budapest greatest Spas, Outdoor Baths, Thermal Baths. We’ve made a special selection of the best Bath Treatments based on a criterion of excellence.
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Baths in Budapest


In recent decades, Budapest has consolidated its place among the thermal water superpowers. Budapest baths are unique attractions not only locally, but also in Europe and the wellness spas are one of Budapest’s main attractions. Whichever spa you choose, you will certainly not find two identical, as the healing power of water can be enjoyed in different wonderful buildings.


Brief history of the wellness Budapest experience


The beneficial effects of medicinal water were already known in Ancient Rome and traces of the ancient baths can still be seen today in Óbuda and Aquincum. Thermal baths in Budapest became more widespread in the 16th century, during the Turkish Occupation. A clear sign of the “bath-boom” was that they started to build one Turkish bath after the other at the bottom of Gellért Hill.


The capital finally received the title “Bath City” in 1943. Among the world’s spa cities, Budapest has the largest number of natural springs, 118, from which approximately 70 million litres of healing water emerges daily. The water temperature is between 21 to 78 °C and has a significant mineral content.


The diversity of Budapest spas

Baths Budapest offer precious moments every day of the year and even the different weather conditions can’t cross your plans as in the summer heat, you can enjoy the outdoor baths Budapest has to offer and in winter the indoor baths are the essence of Budapest.


You shouldn’t miss the wellness experience even if your visit lasts only a few days. Let us give you a few tips for Budapest wellness for one day or for multiple days:


  1. Budapest wellness day

Discover as many medicinal baths in Budapest as you can fit in one day in order to make sure that they don’t look alike.

  1. Budapest spa weekend

We recommend this form of wellness primarily for families and couples. Take a classic sightseeing tour during the day and after the evening wellness will be delightful. There are several child-friendly medical wellness centers as well.

  1. For partygoers

For unconventional bath Budapest also offers night spa, often combined with a party! We can let our hear down and have fun until dawn while enjoying therapeutic wellness.


Overall, the Budapest wellness spa experience is not only for relaxation and healing, but also a good addition to cultural programs.