If you're in Budapest, don't miss the opportunities offered by the city. In our selection, you can find excellent quality food and drink offers.


Hungarian Gastronomy


Over the past several decades the traditional Hungarian food became world famous and Budapest has been put on the world’s gastronomic map. Those interested in Hungarian flavours and Hungarian gastronomy often visit the capital specifically for the food. Hungarian cuisine is famous far and wide! Even in the most remote parts of the world, they know exactly what lángos, goulash soup, stuffed cabbage and chicken paprikash are. Of course, there is life beyond the classics, as there are plenty of delicious restaurants in the heart of Budapest!


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Special Budapest restaurants

If you have ever wondered what makes a good Hungarian dish, we are here to help you. Traditional meals usually include some onion, potato, paprika and meat.


In addition to the mouth-watering dishes, the restaurants in Budapest also offer other thrills, as most of them are located in buildings built around the turn of the century, they may have a fantastic panorama or offer both at the same time. If you want an even more exciting location than the fantastic buildings, a river cruise can also crown the enjoyment of Hungarian food. And what do the best restaurants in Budapest offer? High-quality food, special drinks, professional service and even dinner with live music. It would be a shame to miss it, wouldn’t it?


The good restaurants in Budapest open almost one after the other. On every corner we find a restaurant, which would be a great addition to a sightseeing tour.


Extras next the Budapest gastronomy

Hungarian meals are one of the best parts of Budapest. Whether you choose them for breakfast, lunch or after a sightseeing tour in the evening, Hungarian food will certainly not disappoint!


In addition to restaurants Budapest has a lot to offer!  Everyone knows that food tastes better after swimming, so it would be a shame to miss the world of Budapest baths! In addition to food, Budapest also offers countless adventures, so it is worth devoting some time to active recreation, enjoying cultural programs, and there are several fun things to do that can make your vacation memorable.


If you want to explore the capital’s other attractions in addition to the Budapest cuisine, take a look around to see how much ToDoBudapest has to offer!