As a tourist in Budapest – the Parliament here and beyond

Sometimes we tend to think that Budapest has nothing to see beyond the beautiful buildings and public squares. But there is life beyond the Parliament, Buda Castle and Heroes’ Square! But what else! Budapest is a real gastronomic capital with medicinal waters, exciting Danube programs and heart-stopping romance.

Budapest gastro tour
Hungarian gastronomy is famous far and wide, there is almost no one in the world who, when you mention goulash or chicken with paprika, cannot associate it with Hungary. Moreover, we are not lying when we say that every year more and more visitors come to the country to taste Hungarian flavors and of course – let’s not be hypocritical – Hungarian drinks. Gastronomy is one of Budapest’s driving forces, it’s worth getting to know it more closely!

In recent years and decades, the restaurant offer in Budapest has developed a lot, and in addition to the classic Hungarian flavors, we can taste reimagined versions of traditional flavors in more and more places. Today, it is not only the traditional dishes, but also the many talented young chefs that make it worth looking around the restaurants in the capital.

In addition to Hungarian restaurants, restaurants with unusual and new flavors are multiplying almost like mushrooms these days. All you have to do is walk along the Nagykörút, where Italian pizzerias, Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, pasta shops and sushi restaurants are lined up next to each other. Of course, you don’t have to walk around the city for hours for a good stuffed cabbage!

In addition to the international flavors, the capital’s gastronomic palette is an exciting spot that restaurants in Budapest are often hidden in turn-of-the-century palaces or buildings with impressive panoramas. Lunch or dinner spent in these places is equivalent to a real time travel.

Programs in Budapest – beyond the classics
When we close our eyes and think of Budapest, typically the Parliament, Buda Castle, or Heroes’ Square appear before our mind’s eye. However, the programs in Budapest mean much more than that! Whether we want to spice up a longer Budapest vacation or a weekend program with special and varied programs, we can find it in the capital.

In addition to the already mentioned Hungarian and international restaurants, Budapest has been known since the turn of the century for its sparkling café life, traces of which can still be discovered today. Nowadays, coffee shops have been replaced in many places by typical ruin pubs, which form the backbone of the sparkling night life, the romance of a cafe and the atmosphere of a ruin pub fit perfectly together. In addition to the many beautiful, characteristic buildings and restaurants, these places also contribute to Budapest’s reputation.

And if we’ve already tasted the capital, we can’t leave the thermal waters without saying a word. Budapest is not called the City of Waters by chance, as there are more than a hundred natural springs under the city, thanks to which countless spas were opened in the Turkish era, which are still in operation today, where visitors to the capital can enjoy the beneficial effect of the healing waters. After a tiring week or a long sightseeing trip, there is nothing better than taking a dip in the warm healing water!

Evening cruise on the Danube with buffet dinner
And speaking of the waters, we must also mention the Danube programs. The second longest river in Europe, with a huge water flow, cuts the capital in two, thanks to which it is possible to explore the city from a completely new perspective after the land.

Whether it’s a daytime boat trip, when even the smallest details of the city are visible, or sunset, when the lights of the setting sun illuminate the Danube quays, or the illuminated city at night, the romance of the boat tour captivates everyone. The Budapest cityscape, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Parliament, Gellért Hill, Buda Castle, and the Chain Bridge offers a wonderful view at any time of the day.

The city’s Danube skyline is always impressive, especially if you choose a boat tour combined with a romantic dinner. The Budapest program can be enriched by an evening cruise on the Danube with dinner, which can be the real crown of the holiday or can brighten up any weekday. The cruise can be combined with unlimited drinks, a wine dinner and even a buffet dinner. At the cruise ship dinner, the food is often accompanied by live music for a truly unique experience.

Whichever program we choose, Budapest will certainly not disappoint. Nowadays, the “be a tourist in your own city” movement is becoming more and more popular, and we couldn’t find a better place to try it than Budapest.