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Depending on the amount of time one has to spend in the capital of Hungary, there are various ways to spend the days eventfully. Here you will find a couple of examples in order to give you a good feeling of the opportunities present.
Things to do in Budapest

So what is a Budapest must see? To do a proper Budapest sightseeing is certainly a great idea. This is one of those cities which offer a wonderful view. As the big river Danube splits the city into two, the hills and the castle of Buda look truly magnificent, especially because of the contrast created by the Pest side, that is flat but has this beautiful facade thanks to the Parliament, and the buildings built around the late 1800s and early1900s.

Things to know about Budapest

The Budapest airport is relatively newly built, functioning pretty well, except perhaps the low-cost airlines’ methods of grouping and organising the travellers before their departure. From the airport you can get to the city centre pretty easily by taking a bus. It is easy to find, there are signs helping you. Naturally, there are taxi companies around as well. On the way to the airport, and in general, please make sure to use actual companies instead of free riders. This way you can avoid being overcharged for the route.

Things to see in Budapest

The Budapest attractions are interesting, inspiring and thought provoking - no wonder why the city became a centre for visitors who are keen on European history. If the weather allows it, walking around is a good way of getting to know the city. Maybe it is worth spending a day both on the Buda and the Pest side in order to get a good feel of Budapest. They are very different, presenting various chapters of the history of the country, and for this reason, it makes perfect sense to check both of them out well.