What to do in Budapest in spring?

What to do in Budapest in spring? 


With the arrival of spring, Budapest once again shows us its beautiful face: this is the time when the trees begin to bloom and then slowly turn green. Cafes and bars reopen their terraces, where we can enjoy the warmer weather and the sun rays of spring. In short, spring is the perfect season for exploring Budapest’s outdoor activities and attractions. It’s not too hot yet, and although there may still be rainy days in the spring months, the favorable weather means that the locals spend more time in different parts of Budapest.

If you are visiting Budapest in the spring or just want to be inspired, our article may contain perfect ideas and activities for you. These are the best things to do in Budapest in spring!



In the northern part of Buda lies the Római-part, a trendy open beach recently popular with the locals. The waterfront is located close to the city, yet far away: it is easy to get there, but you can easily leave the noise of the city behind and relax on the banks of the Danube. The coast can be reached by public transport, bicycle or boat, and in addition to the soothing view, there are also many restaurants here, so you can easily spend a whole day here.

Gellért hill

Gellért Hill is a natural attraction found close to the central part of the capital, from where a beautiful panorama of Budapest can be seen. As spring approaches, the gray paths and pedestrian streets turn green again, and the hill fills with life again. Playgrounds, open spaces and built attractions can also be found on Gellért Hill, such as the Citadel, the statue of St. Gellért opposite the Elizabeth Bridge, the Garden of Philosophers, the statue of St. István King, or the Rock Church of Our Lady of the Hungarians.

Apart from the listed attractions, however, the most popular place in the spring season is clearly the lonely almond tree, which is located next to the Gellért cross. The combined sight of the blossoming almond tree and the Liberty bridge is truly dazzling!


Danube bank

Any section of the Danube coast can provide us with a pleasant opportunity to relax, be it from the Buda or Pest side, in the north or in the south. However, we would recommend the area of the Kopaszi Dam and the József Antall Id. bank, from where you can spot many major sights of the city.

Árpád Tóth Promenade

In addition to the many attractions of the Buda castle district, the Árpád Tóth promenade offers us a truly special view in the spring. All the trees lining the promenade flood the street with beautiful baby pink flowers, which you should not miss!

Danube cruise

Thanks to the good weather, the experience of sightseeing on a Danube boat can be raised to a new level: thanks to the terraces and open spaces on the boats, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture, bridges and buildings of Budapest carefree. All of our boat programs are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience for all interested parties.

Day trips from Budapest

In addition to our boat programs, we also boldly recommend our daily tours, which can be perfect choices for taking advantage of the spring weather. One of our permanent programs is the daily tour to Szentendré, but you can also find many other offers on our website.


Margaret island

At the end of the list, we saved another popular place, Margaret Island. We recommend exploring Margaret Island regardless of the season, but in spring you can really take advantage of the special features of the place. Thanks to the densely spaced trees, you can even organize a picnic in perfect conditions, and there are also many opportunities for lovers of active recreation on the island.

We hope that we were able to help with our recommendations, so that a visit to Budapest can truly be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Photos: Lepsik Norbert (@norbertlepsik)