What should we take with us if we go to Budapest

What should we take with us if we go to Budapest?


If you visit Budapest, be sure to prepare with seasonal clothing. Sudden warming or cooling is common in Hungary all year round, as our country is in a crossfire on the fronts. The temperature difference can be up to 10 degrees, depending on which part of the year you visit Hungary.

In addition to the right clothes, you will need a mobile phone or a camera, as our city is extremely rich both architecturally and in other sights, so you can capture a wonderful moment almost every minute while walking the streets.

In addition, you should take care of the following before you travel:


  • Do not start without proper medication for cold fever, cold or pain relief. The composition of medicines in the EU may be different, if you have a proven home pharmacy, you may want to travel with it.
  • Passenger insurance, which also covers loss of accident and lost luggage
  • Printed flight ticket, booking confirmation
  • International license if you want to rent a car in Hungary
  • Budapest address and telephone list. You can find the most important phone numbers here (link to the article with the phone number)
  • AC adapter, compact splitter – as not all rooms have a standard accessory in the room.
  • A raincoat that can be pulled on the backpack is a practical accessory, as showers and thunderstorms are common in Budapest.