Souvenirs in Budapest

What souvenirs should we take home from Budapest?


Preserving traditions is extremely important in preserving our identity, so most of the memorabilia on the shelves of souvenir shops in the city center also displays this cultural circle. We’ve put together a few items worth taking home.


Hungarian red pepper meal

The basis of Hungarian gastronomy. Almost all of our recipes start by sprinkling a tablespoon of red pepper on a head of onion. Whether it becomes soup, stew or vegetable, it doesn’t matter.


Unicum – the real hungaricum

Unicum is one of the most famous Hungarian trademarks for the traditional bitter liqueur from Zwack. The liqueur was patented in 1883. The recipe dates back to 1790.

Tokaji aszú

The queen of dessert wines. It is made using centuries-old technology based on the late harvesting of assorted grapes and the subsequent special winemaking process.

Souvenir with Kalocsa pattern

It is also used by the fashion industry, as it can be used to make colorful folklore clothes and accessories. You can choose from a myriad of variations on the shelves of souvenir shops.


Many marzipans

Just like our Austrian neighbors Mozart Kugel, we have our favorite dessert. The heart dessert of Szamos marzipan is a perfect gift.


Puli dog plush figure

Our traditional herding dog arrived in the Carpathian Basin with our ancestors. One of the most popular dog breeds, on the shelves of souvenir shops, is usually available in i Love Budapest t-shirts.


Rubik’s Cube

Perhaps one of the best known inventions. Ernő Rubik’s work is known in all parts of the world and is still extremely popular with adults and children.