Gay friendly places in Budapest

Gay friendly places in Budapest

Warmth is becoming more and more accepted in Hungary thanks to the work of LGBTQ organizations, but it is still not possible to say that we have caught up with Western Europe on this issue. The gay society in Hungary is still more of a hiding place. A gay couple walking downtown should be prepared for verbal atrocities.

The trend shows that while foreign guests flocked to the gay party series in the early 2010s, most of them are now permanently closed. The number of openly gay and lesbian nightclubs has dropped dramatically, but the number of nightclubs, bars and cafes apostrophized by the gay-friendly place is steadily increasing in the city.

Even if the conservative views of the vast majority have not changed, there are a few entertainment options that are especially popular with gay and lesbian tourists during their visit to Budapest.

Gay and lesbian entertainment places in Budapest:

Alterego club

Coxx Men’s Bar

Why not cafe and bar

Magnum Sauna

Habroló cafe and bar

Sauna 69