Extraordinary sightseeing tours to discover Budapest

Extraordinary sightseeing tours to discover Budapest


We don’t need to introduce the beauty and uniqueness of Budapest. Our capital, located on both sides of the Danube, contains many World Heritage sites, built landmarks and natural attractions, which are visited by millions of tourists every year in addition to local residents.

The majority of visitors to the city only visit the most famous points, while the hidden wonders are often avoided. A guided tour also shows only the most important sites in detailed ways, but you might not explore these hidden gems .

If you also want to discover Budapest in a special way, you should take inspiration from our article, we show you some unusual sightseeing opportunities and attractions in Budapest!


Sightseeing bus on the Danube

Those who explore Budapest on an amphibious bus can take part in a special sightseeing program. The bus route goes around the most beautiful streets of the city, and then with a small detour, the vehicle turns onto the waters of the Danube. Thanks to its design, passengers do not need to transfer to another vehicle, so they can enjoy the wonders of Budapest directly from the Danube from the comfort of the sightseeing bus.

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MOL Bubi

Renting a bicycle has never been as easy as it is now – thanks to MOL’s Bubi system, you can get a bicycle at dozens of points in the city for the price of a public transport ticket. Budapest’s bicycle infrastructure is constantly developing every year, thereby encouraging local residents and visitors to the city to use bicycles. With the help of the interactive map, we can constantly check the amount of bicycles available, and we can also plan routes using the application.

For us, one of our favorite routes starts on the Buda side of the Liberty Bridge, which goes all the way to the Buda bridgehead of the Margaret Bridge. On the line running next to the Danube, you can admire the beautiful panorama of Budapest, and there are several places where you can park safely and enjoy the view.

credit – MOL Bubi közbringa-szolgáltatás – Facebook 


Boat sightseeing in Budapest

A boat tour is an unmissable part of a visit to Budapest. This is the program that we can recommend the most, as such a tour offers a unique experience. The sun’s rays reflected in the water of the Danube, the pleasant breeze and the panorama of Budapest offer us an overwhelming sight. Among our available programs, we constantly offer many different options for such sightseeing tours, which can be booked after a few clicks on our interface. Join us and discover Budapest from a special perspective – directly from the Danube river that crosses the city!

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Sightseeing flight over Budapest

Budapest is amazing from every angle – be it from land, water or even air! If you’ve always wondered what the city looks like from a bird’s eye view, you should book a sightseeing flight. The picturesque landscape provides a guaranteed experience, from where you can see all the sights of Budapest.

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If you have already visited the sights above the ground floor, the range of program possibilities will not run out even in this case. A special attraction in Budapest is the Pál Valley Cave, which lies under the administrative area of ​​Budapest, but the cave system forms part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park. The cave was discovered in 1904, and over the years, detailed mapping of the cave system was carried out. Thanks to this, nowadays we already have the opportunity to walk along a nearly 500-meter hiking trail and get to know this special natural attraction.

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Night attractions in Budapest

The Hungarian capital offers us a delightful sight after sunset. The illuminated, detailed buildings and cozy streets present the city in a completely different way. It is also possible to go sightseeing in the evening in an organized way – it can be a walking tour, bus tours or an evening cruise.