Drinking water, mineral water

Drinking water, tap water, public wells

Hungary is a leader in the production of mineral water. Thanks to hundreds of natural springs, you can choose from high-quality mineral waters in Hungary. It is almost impossible to rank mineral waters, practically no matter which one you take off a store shelf, you can certainly quench your thirst properly and enjoyably thanks to its perfect taste.

Tap water is also of very good quality in Hungary. The health recommendation in Hungary recommends the consumption of tap water and natural mineral water in 50-50%. The composition of tap water is suitable for consumption everywhere, you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to an infection.

However, it is not worth quenching thirst from drinking fountains in public areas. They cannot be said to be harmful to health, but they can contain pathogens that can cause stomach upset. Instead, don’t risk a mild course of infection that could make you feel unwell. The city center is full of grocery stores, catering facilities, prefer to drink mineral water if you get thirsty.

List of the best Hungarian mineral waters:

  • Margitszigeti Kristályvíz
  • Natur Aqua
  • Szentkirályi
  • Visegrádi
  • Teodora
  • Szigetközi Ásványvíz