Discover the beauties of Szentendre – Daytrip from Budapest

If you want to get away from Budapest’s big city life, Szentendre, famous as the city of painters and artists, can be a perfect option for a short, one-day tour.

Szentendre is part of the Budapest agglomeration, therefore we can get here easily and quickly in many ways. The history of the town dates back to prehistoric times, but traces of the Middle Ages and the Modern Age can still be discovered nowadays. With its cozy cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and art treasures, the settlement on the banks of the Danube can be an ideal daily program for anyone.

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Sights of Szentendre

As small as Szentendre is, so many hidden wonders await its visitors. The pleasant atmosphere of the cafes and restaurants lined up next to each other on the promenade along the Danube speaks for itself. The small city at the beginning of the Visegrád Mountains is close to nature, resulting in a calm atmosphere, which also defines the town’s character. And the cobbled streets in the central part of the city offer a truly eye-catching sight.

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The history of the city dates back to prehistoric times, which is commemorated by countless museums. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Skanzen, i.e. the Open-Air Museum of Ethnography. In a unique way in Europe, the museum presents to visitors how people lived here from the 18th century until the 20th century. When the museum was founded in 1972, it was the first open-air ethnographic museum in Europe, where we can get to know the memories of the recent past in an authentic way.

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In addition, you can also visit museums such as the Retro Design Center, which mainly evokes the world of the 1970s and 80s, or the Szabó Marzipan Manufaktúra, where marzipan plays the main role – as its name suggests. When visiting the manufactory, you can admire marzipan figurines and other installations, such as the Parliament building, Harry Potter or Snow White.

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The Old Town of Szentendre awaits visitors with countless attractions, restaurants, cafes and shops. The town played a major role during the Middle Ages, as many trade routes ran through the settlement at that time, which also contributed to the development of Szentendre. Thanks to careful reconstructions, most of the buildings found in the old town can still be viewed in their original form.

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Baroque and Rococo buildings can be found around the city’s main square, and several of the city’s churches can also be found here. Starting from the Main square, you can take a walk through cozy narrow streets and take a look at many of the city’s landmarks, such as Blagovestenska Church, St. John the Baptist Parish Church in Szentendre, or the graffiti wall at Liberty Square.

Szentendre, Hungary – Aerial skyline view of Szentendre, the small and lovely riverside town in Pest County at winter time

A few minutes from the old town, the Bükkös stream flows, walking along its banks you can also reach the Danube bank, from where you can admire the beauty of the picturesque landscape. The closeness of nature, the chirping of birds and the flow of the Danube river makes this place truly calming.

On the banks of Szentendre at Duna Korzó, you can discover most of the city’s restaurants and catering units, where you can choose from countless traditional dishes, all crowned by the wonderful view of the Danube bank. Many different bistros, buffets and restaurants offer traditional Hungarian food, from lángos to really hearty main courses to delicious desserts such as kürtöskalács (chimney cake).


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If you also want to visit Szentendre and want to take a look at the everyday life of the Hungarian countryside, we recommend our daily tours, where you will have the opportunity to discover the sights of this small town.