Currency-exchange rate-credit card use in Budapest

Currency, exchange rate, currency exchange, credit card use in Budapest

The official currency of Hungary is the forint, so if you visit Budapest, you must visit an exchange office. However, it is worth doing all this carefully. As the daily exchange rate is constantly changing, be sure to visit the website described below for daily exchange rates.

The daily exchange rate is available at this link: (temporary link: when it is ready you need to change it:) http://napiargá

Where not to (!) Exchange currency in the city?

If possible, avoid exchanging currencies at hotels, as you have the best chance of redeeming your own payment at the lowest value. If you can, do not pay in euros at petrol stations, restaurants or grocery stores. Make sure you can change your currency as soon as possible when you arrive in Hungary. In most parts of the city you will find an exchange office where you can exchange your currency for Hungarian forints at a very good price.

You can find the addresses of the best bills by clicking on the link:

With a credit card, you can pay almost everywhere except for smaller grocery stores and business premises. Before buying, be sure to make sure that the particular catering unit or shop has a terminal. Typically, most of the credit card payment terminals in Hungary are suitable for reading any bank card, but there may be systems that can only read Master Cards but not Visa Cards. Be sure to keep cash with you to avoid incon

There are terminals on the streets of the city center specifically for the changeover to the euro. Avoid street exchange, especially in the inner districts of Budapest, and visit an office designated for currency exchange.