Best summer programs in Budapest

Best summer programs in Budapest Many people, including us, couldn’t wait for summer to arrive, because this is when the city really comes alive: the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the whole city is made much more vibrant and colorful by the many green areas. At this time, all the […]

Discover Budapest’s miniature sculptures

Anyone who keeps an eye on the streets of Budapest may have noticed a few mini-statues in recent years, which have been placed in busy or famous public areas. Behind these sculptures is the person of Mihály Kolodko, whose 30 works can currently be viewed in various parts of the city – as of May […]

A guide to the marvelous Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest

A guide to the marvelous Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest   The iconic building of Budapest, the Fisherman’s Bastion, is an important part of the Buda panorama. The main structure of the monument can also be admired from the Danube bank, and a visit to the Fisherman’s Bastion offers a truly special view.   Visiting the Fisherman’s […]

Discover the beauties of Szentendre – Daytrip from Budapest

If you want to get away from Budapest’s big city life, Szentendre, famous as the city of painters and artists, can be a perfect option for a short, one-day tour. Szentendre is part of the Budapest agglomeration, therefore we can get here easily and quickly in many ways. The history of the town dates back […]

Budapest’s best promenades

Budapest’s best promenades   The beauty of Budapest can best be admired on foot. Countless hidden gems are located in the streets of the city, which we could not notice in any other way. Although when we think of life in a big city, the noise of car traffic or moving around in a crowd […]

Top 10 unique museums in Budapest

Even on gloomy days, Budapest has countless program options. By walking the streets of the city, we can come across countless special exhibitions, which can provide a great experience for everyone. Budapest’s best museums await everyone with exciting installations, exhibitions presenting the history of Budapest or even interactive programs. The world of museums has changed […]

The bridges of Budapest

Budapest’s skyline and beauty are almost worthless without the Danube. The Danube, which bisects the city, is the second longest river in Europe and forms an important part of the Budapest panorama. The bridges over the Danube are responsible for easy transport between Buda and Pest.   Although visitors to most cities only see the […]

Fun group programs in Budapest

Fun group programs in Budapest   Are you planning to visit Budapest with your friends? Don’t know where to go? Would you like to enrich your visit to Budapest with something special? Maybe you and your family would like to plan some fun group program in Budapest? Budapest and the concept of entertainment are not […]

What to do in Budapest in spring?

What to do in Budapest in spring?    With the arrival of spring, Budapest once again shows us its beautiful face: this is the time when the trees begin to bloom and then slowly turn green. Cafes and bars reopen their terraces, where we can enjoy the warmer weather and the sun rays of spring. […]

Extraordinary sightseeing tours to discover Budapest

Extraordinary sightseeing tours to discover Budapest   We don’t need to introduce the beauty and uniqueness of Budapest. Our capital, located on both sides of the Danube, contains many World Heritage sites, built landmarks and natural attractions, which are visited by millions of tourists every year in addition to local residents. The majority of visitors […]