Budapest’s best promenades

Budapest’s best promenades


The beauty of Budapest can best be admired on foot. Countless hidden gems are located in the streets of the city, which we could not notice in any other way. Although when we think of life in a big city, the noise of car traffic or moving around in a crowd comes to mind, in Budapest we can also come across many pedestrian streets where we don’t have to deal with such problems.

In the most beautiful streets of Budapest, you can find pleasant terraces, wonderful buildings, impressive views and a great number of cafes, restaurants and shops. If you want to get to know the sparkling Budapest life, visit these places!


Árpád Tóth Promenade

The most impressive pedestrian street in the Buda Castle District is easily accessible: the street starts almost from the Buda Castle and stretches all the way to the Museum of Military History. The promenade used to serve as the defense line of the castle, but this function ceased in the 20th century. This promenade was the first in Budapest to have a double row of trees, which we can admire to this day. And the trees planted here show their best face in the spring, when the entire promenade lets us know the arrival of spring in so many shades of pink. And if you visit here at a different time of the year, you don’t have to worry either, the panorama of the Buda mountains offers us a wonderful sight in every season!

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József Antall Id. embankment

One of the most beautiful parts of Pest’s embankment, the József Id. Antall embankment, which stretches from the Margaret Bridge to the Chain Bridge. The promenade next to the Danube can be a perfect destination for those who want to admire the main sights of Budapest. Due to its magnificent view and proximity to the city center, this is a really popular part of the quays in Budapest.

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Váci street

We haven’t forgotten one of Budapest’s most famous pedestrian streets! Almost everything can be found on Váci Street, which is nearly two kilometers long: cafes, restaurants and bistros, but it can also be an ideal location for those who want to shop – starting with stores of famous clothing brands, there are also souvenir shops lining both sides of the street.



Andrássy Avenue

Budapest’s most popular boulevard stretches from Deák Ferenc tér to Hősök tér, where you can stroll along the surprisingly wide sidewalks and soak up the atmosphere of Budapest. Many luxury brand stores can be found on Andrássy Avenue, but of course there are also countless cafes and restaurants to choose from. In the part of Andrássy Avenue closer to the city center, you can also admire buildings such as the Opera House or the Drechsler Palace, and beyond Oktogon you can admire the various palace buildings and villas.

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We could sing odes about the promenades along the Danube, so we felt it almost our duty to dedicate another section to another stretch along the river. The Dunakorzó is a pedestrian zone between the Chain Bridge and the Elizabeth Bridge, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. Next to the beautiful panorama, there are five-star hotels, bars, restaurants and casinos. What makes it stand out among the pedestrian streets mentioned so far is the beautiful view of the Buda Castle District, Gellért Hill and the bridges bordering the area. Dunakorzó is part of the World Heritage Sites, as many sculptures and works of art can be seen here, and the elegant buildings bordering the street only enhance the view.



Ráday street

Ráday street can be the perfect destination for those who love gastronomy, because on both sides of the street there are only restaurants lined up almost all the way, where you can always find something new! A real Mediterranean atmosphere awaits us here: pleasant live music, golden sunlights reflecting on buildings, cooling cocktails and tasty snacks.

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