Budapest Restaurants

These restaurants in Budapest will certainly not disappoint you!


It’s easy to get lost in the wide selection of restaurants in Budapest, especially if you don’t yet have a favorite, tried-and-true place. From traditional Hungarian flavors, you can try the gastronomy of almost any country in the capital, so you can also find really special restaurants in Budapest.


In our article, we would like to present a list of the best restaurants in Budapest, based on our personal opinion. In addition to the best of Hungarian gastronomy, you can also find unique restaurants here that can guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Feel free to take a look at the listed places, among the best restaurants in Budapest.



By visiting Twentysix, you can enter a really calm jungle atmosphere from the bustling streets of the city center. The main profile of the urban oasis was built around Mediterranean cuisine, of which the wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes should be highlighted. At different times of the day, the Twentysix team awaits us with separate menus, and we can enjoy the delicious food in a special environment.

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Bálna Terasz

The Bálna Terasz on the bank of the Danube can serve as the perfect location for relaxing days. There is no better feeling than spending a pleasant afternoon with friends, drinking your favorite cocktails, while enjoying the details of the Budapest panorama. In addition to the captivating landscape, we also visit here often because of the monthly renewed menu.


Source: Bálna Terasz – Facebook


Két Szerecsen

For lovers of Hungarian flavors, we can recommend the Két Szerecsen bistro, where you can taste the specialties and eternal classics of Hungarian gastronomy. The Budapest restaurant combines the main dishes of Hungarian cuisine with the atmosphere of a Parisian bistro, in an unusual way. In addition to the permanent items, you can also find daily menus.

Source: Két Szerecsen – Facebook


Aranybástya Restaurant

The elegant surroundings of the Aranybástya restaurant in Buda’s castle district can only be more impressive than the panoramic view from the restaurant. In addition to the modernity of the restaurant, special attention was also paid to the legacies of the past centuries, so during our visit we can also get to know the past of the place. In addition, you can also try specialties from the menu, such as the artisanal cheeses of the Carpathian Basin, golden durbins fillet or confit duck leg.

Source: Aranybástya – Facebook


KIOSK Budapest

It is one of the iconic places in the capital that can be chosen for any occasion. Whether it’s a gathering of friends, a romantic dinner, or a family celebration, the KIOSK team is ready to host any event! Cool bistro meals, Hungarian dishes, tasty desserts all in one place.

Forrás – KIOSK – Facebook


Combining Hungarian and international cuisine is not an easy task, but this recipe worked out perfectly for the Roseinstein family. The typical elements of Hungarian gastronomy were pleasantly combined with Italian and Mediterranean flavors. In addition to the restaurant, you can even sneak the Roseinstein experience into your own apartment from their own deli shop.


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