Best summer programs in Budapest

Best summer programs in Budapest

Many people, including us, couldn’t wait for summer to arrive, because this is when the city really comes alive: the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the whole city is made much more vibrant and colorful by the many green areas. At this time, all the terraces are open and the number of outdoor programs increases, offering us a lot of experiences.

Budapest also has countless programs in store for us in the summer season. If you want to get the most out of your visit to Budapest, get ideas from our article – so you will have a truly unforgettable experience.


Plenty of outdoor bars await you

On long summer days, there is nothing better than relaxing on the covered terrace of a bar and enjoying the fascinating atmosphere of the city with a refreshing drink. No matter where you go in the city, you can relax on the terrace of countless restaurants – whether it’s a pleasant dinner or just a cold beer or cocktail.

If you want a place with a really special atmosphere, where you can enjoy a magnificent view, we definitely recommend the places alongside on the Danube. One of our favorites is Bálna Terasz, which is located close enough to the central part of the city, yet far enough to hear the noise of the busy downtown streets. The panorama from here can be seen in the photo below.

Source: Bálna Terasz

Beaches, baths

On really hot days, most of us would just cool off by a waterfront, but we don’t have to give that up even if we’re in Budapest. It is true that here we do not have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the turquoise sea water from the sandy beach, but in many areas of the city we can bathe outdoors. Although the services provided by the thermal spas can be best appreciated in the winter, it may be worth visiting one of them in the summer as well, as many spas also have outdoor outdoor pools. You can see Budapest’s best thermal spas here

Source: Budapest New Year

Leaving the inner districts of the city, the banks of the Danube can also offer us a pleasant experience, the Kopaszi dam and the Római part are among the most popular places.

If, on the other hand, the beach feeling is more important to us, we can recommend the Palatinus Spa and Beach Bath, Paskál Beach Bath and Lupa Beach.

Source: Daily News Hungary

Budapest panorama in the colors of the setting sun – Budapest boat tours

It goes without saying that one of the most popular programs is sightseeing cruises. Visitors to the city can choose from countless themed tours, but one thing is guaranteed in each case: admiring the sights of Budapest from the water of the Danube, you can really fall in love with the city. Most tours start in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the beauty of Budapest under a sky colored golden yellow by the setting sun. Some tours last until evening or start just after sunset, so those who want to admire the lights of the city can do so as well.
You can view our Budapest river curises here – you will surely find a favorable option for you. 

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Margaret Island – if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but don’t want to go far

Margaret Island’s features are most noticeable in the summer. The huge green area is surrounded by the Danube from all directions, so you can definitely find a shady or sunny beach. We can make the time spent on the island even more colorful with many activities. The running track on the outer part of the island is very popular among the locals, and several playgrounds are available for families. In addition, you can also rent a bike (which comes from combining the words bike and carriage), and admire the attractions of the island: Margitsziget Wildlife Park, the ruins of the Ferences Monastery, the Rose Garden or the Margitsziget Water Tower.

The island’s unmissable program is the Margitsziget Musical Fountain, where you can listen to a couple of famous songs every hour, accompanied by the fountain’s water play. It is worth visiting the fountain in the evening, since at this time the water play of the fountain is accompanied by various light shows.

Source: Csodálatos Budapest

If you want to go a little further – day trips ideas from Budapest

If we want to go further away from the city, Lake Balaton comes up most often as the primary option – quite understandably. Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in the Central European region, and in addition to the picturesque landscape of this region, many artistic, gastronomic and tourist destinations can be discovered. If you also want to visit the lake, also nicknamed the “Hungarian sea”, this day tour of ours was designed for you. 

Source: Club Tihany

If you want a bit of peace, but don’t want to travel for hours, we can recommend Szentendre, where you can definitely relax. In this article, we covered Szentendre’s sights, attractions and the programs offered by the city in detail.

Source: Trekhunt


Musical outdoor programs – concerts, performances, festivals

The following formula may be almost clear to many of us: Budapest + festival = ISLAND

The Sziget Festival opened its doors for the first time in 1993, then only to a very small audience, but in the decades that have passed since then, the number of interested people has grown significantly, and in recent years it has already become one of the largest music festivals in Europe. Artists such as David Guetta, Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, Lorde and Macklemore will perform here in 2023.

In addition, countless musical events are held in the city’s many outdoor venues during the summer months. It is worth finding out about the current programs in advance and, if necessary, booking tickets.

Source: Global Journey

If we could start the day comfortably – brunch in Budapest

The culture of hearty breakfasts is becoming more and more popular in Budapest as well, and over the years we can come across more and more restaurants that focus on all-day breakfasts. If you want to find the place that best suits your needs, we recommend Brunch Budapest, where you can find your next breakfast place using personalized filters.

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